Some Helpful Stained Glass Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions answered. Hopefully.

We are literally inundated with questions about our business, online shop, classes etc. We have also had a few 'odd questions.' See if you can spot them. We have answered those most commonly asked and hope we've covered any questions you may have. if not, please feel free to call. 

Do you sell stained glass supplies and materials?

Not as yet however, in mid-2023, we plan to explore this once the classes kick into full gear with the completion of the new workshop.

Do you offer Stained Glass Classes?

We certainly do. You can find details of our classes and reserve your place below. We offer only traditional stained glass tuition i.e., lead-light work. We do not teach the copper-foil method which is similar in concept but not something we teach.

Do you work with heritage stained glass?

Yes. Much of our business involves the restoration and repairs of residential and commercial works along with eclesiastical.

I have a small crack in a piece that Irritates me. Is this too small a job?

No. We take on any and every project related to stained glass and our prices are very reasonable. That being said, we are a small business so the timeline may be out there somewhat but our quality is exceptional and worth the wait.

What is encapsulated stained glass?

Stained glass encapsulation is the sealing of a stained glass panel inside a double-glazed or triple-glazed unit or insulated glass unit (IGU) to form three or 4 layers of glass. This means that stained glass can be used within most glazing systems including commercial curtain wall.

Can you accommodate us overnight prior to my first class?

We are a small family-owned and operated business and don't have space to accommodate I'm afraid. There are a few hotels around that can be found via a Google search.

Is stained glass still a thing?

Yes, very much so. It lost its way a little in the 90s and 2000s as architects concentrated more on achieving the numbers demanded of them in order to keep thermal values at a high. However, now relaxing a little, they are able to concentrate on aesthetics once again. With us now encapsulating stained glass inside of a double-glazed unit, we can now enter any exterior window system including curtain-wall. It's back with a bang and in major demand.

Will my stained glass need any love?

At the age of 12, I helped remove and restore stained glass panels dated 1207AD. They had never been restored previously and were in great condition for their age. If your stained glass is outside, just wipe it over every now and again and check that you can't see the edge of any glass. If you can, then the panel will need re-cementing. Call us and we can do it for you or advise you how to do it. If it's an internal decoration piece, relax, pour your favourite tipple of choice, put your feet up, admire and enjoy!

If I bring my own tools can I get a discount?

No. We encourage you to bring your own tools or if you are a beginner, purchase certain hand tools after the first class i.e, after we have discussed tools in general and you have a good idea of what suits you best. Tools are very personal to a craftsperson thus, the sooner you start building your set, the better you will feel. As for a discount, If you bring Mike a nice cup of English Builders Tea with 1 sugar and a drop of milk, he'll give you the friend discount currently set at $0.10.

Should I wear gloves when cutting stained glass?

If you'd rather wear gloves, make sure they are very tight fitting as if not, it'll be like sewing while wearing boxing gloves. They can also be dangerous around machinery so please, remove them if grinding on a wheel. I'll show you a safe method if you drop into the shop. Myself, I can't wear gloves but I'm an old-school glazier with hands that very rarely open up. I also need to feel the glass. Remember, you have sweat glands on your hands that secrete continually. This allows us to pick up smooth surface items such as a full and condensed drinking glass. (Humans are fantastic!) When you slide on a pair of gloves to cut and break a relatively smooth piece of glass, you're on your own! Accidents in a glass shop are actually more prevalent when using gloves.

Are your commission rates high?

That's a good but very unanswerable question. Certainly higher post-COVID than they used to be, simply due to the hike in material cost. Our design brief will dictate the cost. The higher the complexity and choice of glass, the cost can be driven up substantially. Call us to discuss. We are always happy to talk glass and shop!

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