Stained Glass Commissions


Whatever your needs, we are here to assist you throughout the whole process from design through delivery and even installation if you so require. Installation is not just limited to our immediate area as we have trusted partners throughout North America. We endeavour to make your commissioning experience a seamless and positive one thus, we ask for as much information up-front as os possible.

A solid, well-engineered design, precisely manufactured and installed correctly can last for hundreds of years. The pieces we produce will likely outlast us all hence, finding the right stained glass artist to take care of your commission is paramount. Please review our commissioning process below and drop us a line if you'd like additional information.


To ensure your complete satisfaction, we offer a free, no-obligation initial design consultation. This can be in person or via a virtual meeting. Whichever best suits your needs. In-house or virtually, The Stained Glass Workshop will take your original concept and submitted brief and create a digital rendering for you / your team to review. We will not have strayed too far from your original brief if at all, with the only revisions being our design input and alterations for manufacturing and engineering purposes. Once reviewed, you will either ask for revisions or sign off and approve the design and dimensions.


Once you are happy with the submitted design and you feel it perfectly meets your requirements, we'll get cracking with the next stages.for us to proceed with procurement and the initial project stages such as the full-size drawing. This deposit will of course be deducted from your final invoice. Depending on the size of your project, you can expect the remaining balance to fall due upon completion and delivery/installation or for larger projects, the total will be divided up and issued at intervals throughout the manufacturing process. I.e., monthly invoicing against progress made.

NOTE: The finished glazing dimensions must be signed off prior to any work commencing. 

The production of your stained glass follows a centuries-old process and one that we haven't altered at all really. 

Upon your approval, a full-sized drawing will be produced to your Finished Glazing Size and materials procured. Glass and lead came will be cut to the dimensions of the drawing. Your panels lead is then soldered, cemented, cleaned and polished to within an inch of its life. You will receive email updates at the completion of 4 milestone stages. 

Drawing Completion  |  Mid-Assembly  | Assembly Completion  |  Full Panel Completion.


Once the cement is fully set and polishing completed, if you have your panel delivered directly, we will lovingly package & crate your panel(s) and ship it to your address.

If installation is part of the commission, we will package the panels, safely transport them to the required location and install per North American and British glazing Standards. Your panel or panels will look fantastic and become a talking point of any build for many years to come. If you have any questions related to the above or any other aspects of our business, please feel free to reach out at any time.