Stained Glass Product & Sales Information


Here at The Stained Glass Workshop, we operate an honest and forthright small business. Our team go over and above in every way possible and we are indeed very well known for our attention to detail, not only in relation to our products but with our customers too. Repeat custom is a major percentage of our little operation and a lovely way to do business. It also speaks volumes as to just how far we go to offer our customers exactly what they commission or purchase.

We do however work with glass and even in modern high-rise applications, no two pieces are the same. Little seeds and imperfections make stained glass what it is, simply beautiful. But, we do live in a modern, disposable era where machines construct most of the world's products. With this in mind, we must draw your attention to the areas below and trust you understand that our intent is simply to remind you that our products are all handcrafted and utilise traditionally made materials. 


Handmade to order and built out of our Ontario workshop, our traditionally made leadlight, stained glass panels are a wonderful addition to any home, both period and contemporary. Our panels are all constructed using traditional methods and materials dating back centuries. Exquisite heirloom pieces sporting bucket loads of charm, they are crafted by a Stained Glass Artist sporting solid British Standard training and experience. The panels you receive are produced and beautifully packaged by a team with an endless love for this master-craft. 


The pricing of stained glass panels via commission-based contact is of course conveyed at the time of initial design intent, final design sign-off and prior to manufacturing. We remain absolutely true to our initial pricing pre-production, however, any alterations by our client post-production kicking off, may incur additional charges. Please remember that stained glass pricing is largely based on complexity and the type of glass used. As an example, the cost of a square foot of green glass can escalate 10 times dependent upon the type, even though the shade and texture look similar. With this in mind, we try to offer the best bang for buck with our designs. Nothing cheap, and nothing that would require the sale of an organ. The rest is up to our client. We will help and guide you through this process while offering our expert opinion.


Pricing for panels is based on the amount of time it takes to manufacture & the cost of the materials. These can fluctuate greatly.  Geometric designs with squares, rectangles & straight lines are usually less expensive than a design that holds a lot of shapes & curves. Costs are also determined by the number of particular pieces of glass used to make up the overall design. For every piece of glass used there is at least one piece of lead & two soldered joints to connect and keep the panel together, along with more cuts and in turn, expended labour. As above, please also note that glass ‘range’ alteration can add to the cost. Most standard colours are of standard pricing but should your request feature a different range of glass from that in the image, additional costs may apply but again, we are a nice bunch and as long as we are not majorly out of pocket, we'll try to accommodate or offer positive alternatives. On the flip side, your panel could be cheaper with your choice of glass. Please call if you have questions.

Again, please remember that complexity and choice of glass type can alter the price significantly. However, 99% of the time, we can accommodate so please don’t be concerned and if you have a change of mind about your particular panel, just ask. Unless you are changing dramatically, the price is fixed for all standard alterations, i.e., the colour of the glass etc.


We offer all panels in a multitude of dimensions and flavours to suit your specific application. 

  • Commissioned works. By nature, commissioned stained glass panels are produced to your specific dimensional requirements.
  • Antique Panels. These are sold at the advertised dimensions. We can alter them to suit if a mere shave is required however, anything more than a few millimetres and we'd be encroaching onto what we class as the whole point of the antique nature. If you require the size to grow, however, we can of course help out by either adding a lead or glass border or by incorporating the panel into a new-build piece. 


Standard twin door panels in a Victorian style door are as priced for all panels up to 280mm (11″) x 1020mm. (40″) doors will not move over that dimension however if your dimension does creep over, additional charges may apply. Please call us prior to ordering and we can have a discussion.


The general dimension of toplights and single window designs will be detailed in the specific description but can be adapted to suit most of your required size requests. Quirky little odd panels are just that, odd. We can certainly accommodate your needs so please just call or drop in for a discussion.


When ordering new works or altered existing products virtually and without us being able to measure for you, you must include your ‘finished glazing size’ upon remote order or via a follow-up email.

This is the size we will construct your panel to. If we don’t have a dimension from you, there will obviously be a delay in delivery as we cannot start the process. Measuring assistance can be found via this link: 

Measuring for your glass.

Should you need verbal assistance with sizing your panel, we are of course here to help so, please feel free to call us at any time to discuss. (1) 289.321.3545. We can also do a quick facetime call if that will help. Locally, we can also attend your project site and measure for you.


Upon ordering a new-build commission or a panel in our line-up that requires modification, you will receive confirmation from the system however, you should also expect a separate email from your prime Stained Glass Artist within 24 hours of your order. Whether you have ordered the panel as it is detailed here or have requested adjustments to the design, your artist will be in touch just to confirm sizing and check some finer details.


Your new build panels will take approximately 20 working days to manufacture. This is very dependent upon our workload at the time of order. Your artist will offer you a much clearer picture when he/she reaches out.

All panels are crated in custom-made timber boxes/crates. They are packaged well on the outside, and beautifully on the inside.


We touched upon this earlier and I shouldn’t really have to reiterate, however, our stained glass panels are produced using traditional methods and materials and as such, no two panels are ever the same if examined closely. Stained Glass i.e., the coloured glass used is also produced using traditional methods, rather than the mass-produced float-lined clear glass used for most buildings nowadays. Even float-lined flat glass will sport 'batch differences.'


With this, your glass will carry a character all of its very own. Seeds, inclusions, lines, waves, and general marks are commonplace and in fact, the more unique the glass, the more highly sought after it is.

This character makes your panel completely unique and sport a charm of its very own. Now, from a distance, your panels will look symmetrical and with no obvious or ‘major’ differences to an adjacent panel. Please just be aware that if inspected closely, they will be different. This is to us the sheer beauty of stained glass thus if you are looking for pure perfection in the closely inspected aesthetics of a piece, maybe stained glass is not the right choice for your application.

Please consider this prior to placing an order. Although we endeavour to achieve as close a match in colour and texture between the panels that we supply and those shown here, the unique nature of the glass means that there may be a slight variation in the finished piece supplied. 

Industry-standard states that all glass applied must be inspected at 10' away. Our owner is a glass and glazing consultant and still finds this legislation ludicrous at times but this is the standard across the board. 

Here at The Stained Glass Workshop, we endeavour to produce work that you are happy with. This means abolishing the aforementioned standard but trusting our customers understand the charming nature of stained glass.

That said, the quality of our workmanship is superb and with zero exceptions. Any deviations from this are of course covered by repair or replacement. 


  • Commissioned Stained Glass Panels. These are of course coordinated between our team and our clients.
  • Antique Stained Glass Panels. These are as advertised and as seen on the website. The panel you are viewing is the panel that will be prepared and shipped to your address.
  • Pre-Built Stained Glass Panels. As it sounds, these are panels that have already been produced and again, what you view is what you will receive. 
  • Stained Glass Designs. These will include period designs, contemporary designs, and replications of panels we've restored or designed. These designs form our 'best of' prior works and/or designs that we see and fall in love with. Our owner is known for taking rubbings or pictures of panels he comes across, drafting a template and adding to our product line. this is born from a pure love for the trade and a wish to keep it ticking well after we have all moved on. 
  • Stained Glass Courses/Classes. Courses are 12.5 hours in total length and are split into classes at 2.5 hours each. You will be part of a group comprising of 5 other eager students and classes are available both evenings and weekends.
  • One-on-One Tuition. One-on-one classes are open to anyone preferring this method and are executed on an hourly rate basis given our lead artists' availability. Please call for further details.

Descriptions will clearly identify the above, along with the collection or category these designs are placed in.


Doors, door hardware, the backdrop or the location of the panel depicted is not included in the final sale unless indicated. 


As noted above, these panels are handcrafted. Many are made to order and to your specific dimensions. As such, returns are unfortunately not accepted. We are a small, honest and upstanding family business and expect the same behaviour from our clients. We will go over and above in a multitude of ways to ensure your expectations are far surpassed when you unbox, install and step back from your panel for the first time. We also have clients who, even after many years with their piece installed, can’t help but offer it a nod each morning or evening as they pass by or sit with their coffee or wine. We love this.

While we respect our customer's wishes, please note this condition. Damages of course will be remedied by our team. Mistakes can also happen, but our design rendering process eliminates these for the most part. It’s not impossible as we all make mistakes but they are very, very rare.

Please ensure you thoroughly read through the following policy documents:

Return & Refund Policy

Terms of Service

Privacy Policy


We truly love what we do and cannot convey just how much of ourselves we put into every panel we produce. Please call if you need clarification on any of the above we will spend time with you wherever we can and make your project as seamless and as joyful as we possibly can. Our time is not limited as our ultimate goal, along with producing work that we are proud of, is to ensure you as our customer, are happy with your purchase process and more than happy with your panel of choice.

Thank you for visiting us. We love what we do and just how excited our clients are both pre-delivery and then once the panel comes to life with light.

We wish we could be there for each and every instance.

We thank you for your support / continued support.

The SGW Team.