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Heritage Restoration, Repairs & Consultations

Heritage work can be brushed over at times, mainly by those who don't have an understanding of how our history and past shape our future and should be cherished, or at the very least, acknowledged.

Our key Stained Glass Artist, Michael Hockham (a self-confessed glass nerd) manages and works directly on all heritage projects due to his prime experience with National Trust & Heritage projects in the UK. Michael takes this part of the business to heart and finds himself emotionally attached to all completed work. Our clients are grateful for this huge input as it invariably uncovers areas of concern that may not have originally been a focus for the client team. 

Michael also works as a glass, glazing & facade consultant for high-rise, multi-level and scope applications thus, understands the project process having also worked at Vice President level for major glass & glazing organizations and builds. He understands the individuals and separate entities involved and is more than comfortable discussing scope, scheduling and ultimate restoration works. 

Small Repairs

General stained glass repairs are undertaken, whatever the situation. Maybe you have a leaded door or window that needs some love, a hanging piece, or even a lampshade, don't be shy, just reach out. We are able to offer direct-to-your-door services across the Niagara Region and of course, if you have a piece you'd like to drop into us for a quotation, please feel free to do so. Our prices are reasonable for small single repairs and we've had a great response from local antique shops who sport British panels from the 1920s with breakages or cracks. Our reasonable pricing allows them to get the panels in a good shape to sell.

Whatever your needs are, please reach out. We are certain we can help whatever the situation.


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