Collection: The Manchester Worker Bee Symbol Stained Glass Panels.


The good old symbol of the city I love, the Manchester Bee has been a symbol of industry in Manchester for 150 years, more so since the town became a city in 1942. The bee now has somewhat of an international superstar status following the cowardly Manchester Arena Bombing in 2017 which took 22 lives and injured countless others. The Manchester Bee was again used but this time as a show of defiance and unity. Local tattoo artists were offering free tattoos of the little fella and he's once again emblazoned across the city from stickers on lamp posts to statues and sculptures by local architects and artists.
The Stained Glass Workshop has added not only a single bee product to the lineup but a whole category. We love making these panels and they reflect our original Manchester roots and heritage, along with our owner's love for Manchester and Manchester United Football Club. Any dimension, any colour and a multitude of design tweaks to suit your requirements, there's a worker bee for every home.

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