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Antique Stained Glass Panel - Bury, England 1939 - ASGP-011

Antique Stained Glass Panel - Bury, England 1939 - ASGP-011

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Fully Restored | Original Manufacture 1939 | Replacement Frame

A nice piece reclaimed from a house in Bury, Manchester, England back 10 years ago. Sat in storage for the last decade, we have just restored and reframed this piece. 

Original lead, one replacement piece of glass and a replacement frame. Restoration of ASGP-011 Included: (Bold Items)

  • Inspection
  • Timber Pest Treatment
  • Glass Replacement (1 small border piece)
  • Lead Replacement
  • Re-Cementing
  • Full Clean
  • Lead Polishing
  • Re-Framing
  • Timber Waxing
Materials Used:
Timber, Glass, Lead, Solder, SG/Cement.
Panel Dimensions: 705mm x 745mm (Inc Frame)
Manufacture Date:
Bury, England. 
Restoration Date:
Location: Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada.

Panel Care

There's no need to do anything to your new panel bar a quick occasional dust-off if installed internally. If externally, wash it down now and again and check for any crumbling cement between lead and glass. In reality, your external panel will not need treatment for 20-30 years dependent upon location. Best thing to do for now? Put your feet up and enjoy!!

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Packaging & Shipping

Our panels are all shipped in bespoke timber crates sporting a ruggedly designed exterior and a beautifully packaged interior.

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