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The Stained Glass Workshop

Traditional Stained Glass Course / Classes

Traditional Stained Glass Course / Classes

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We have experienced a huge delay in the building of our new workshop space that will be used for these courses. Currently booked customers have all been informed of the delay and anyone wishing to take part in the stained glass course, should note the extended delay. 

Our best estimate now is that we will be approaching October or November with the build. 

Please contact us prior to booking and we can offer you a clear idea of just where we are with the build and how that will affect the schedule. 

Many thanks, TSGW Team.


Traditional leadwork Stained Glass Course, split into 5 separate classes for both beginners and intermediates alike.

We start with the most basic of elements and take you through this age-old traditional process culminating in you producing your very own panel from an off the shelf design, or your own creative ideas. The classes are 2.5 hours long and there are 5 in number.

This offers you 12.5 hours of solid training from an accredited stained glass artist trained in the UK to British & Heritage Standards. 

Materials are included (to a point, see below) and you will have the use of our equipment and hand tools. 

Please note the drop-down information below prior to booking your class.

We thank you for your interest and should you sign up, we can't wait to welcome and help you through this little chapter of your Stained Glass life.

~ TSGW Team.

Purchase Price

The price of $50 represents a deposit for your full 12.5-hour course and secures your place for the next available kick-off class. The full price of the course is $349. The outstanding balance of $299 will be taken once you enter the workshop for your first class. Should you prefer to pay the full amount, the option is also available above pre-checkout so please ensure you are purchasing the correct option. This option is for those who want less fuss with payments, or for those purchasing the class time as a gift for loved ones or friends. We are at rock-bottom pricing for the classes given materials are included so please, discounts on this particular product are not offered. Thank you for your interest!


Materials are all included, to a point. 99% of the time chosen materials and designs are within our budget however, sometimes they are not and we may need to charge an additional cost for 'premium' materials should your design move in a more expensive manner. We strongly recommend that for your first panel, you are concentrating on your skill-set, rather than the finished product. Trust me when I say this, you will be proud of your work, but thankful that you'd saved a more expensive build to a period where you have worked out your initial errors and have gone through the learning curve. Mike is there to support and guide you but not to build a perfect panel for you. He's a great believer in the need to actually make errors, in order to learn from them. that doesn't mean his feet will be up on his bench while you all fend for yourselves though, far from it. The writer of this little piece learnt from Mike directly and he's a great teacher. Other than he thinks he's funny. Enjoy!

Scheduling & Location


Scheduling has had us scratching our collective old heads for some time but we now have a plan.

In essence, the course intake is every other Sunday. When you click 'select a time' if a Sunday is not highlighted, the class is full and you'll need to select the next highlighted date.

See below for further details.


Upon checkout, you will be asked to pick your chosen start date. The start date (kick-off-Class) will always be a Sunday and you have the choice of 2 timeslots on any specified Sunday, 10am (Group 1) or 2pm (Group 2). You MUST pick a kick-off date that you can work with for the remainder of the course. See the image within the product pictures to visualise the remaining 4 classes. Group 1 will have their second class on the coming Wednesday evening and Group 2, the coming Thursday evening and so on as per the diagram. Should this not work, please pick the next available Sunday Kick-off Class open and that works for you. Should you need further information, please email us directly and we'll explain in more detail. Phew! Thanks again for your interest in the classes.


The classes will be held in our new workshop at our current location, 2336 Dominion Road, Ridgeway, ON. L0S 1N0.

Information & Requirements

Please see the related sections at the bottom of this page.

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Open Door!

Should you sign-up for the Traditional Stained Glass Course, the most important element is to enjoy the time you'll share with us. Learning a new skill can be daunting, but in turn, so rewarding. Bad coffee and even worse jokes will be offered, so please, bring an open and creative mind and you will no doubt have fun and hopefully drop in on us again if passing by. For all class members, the workshop is open to you should you wish to reserve a bench post-class. All we ask is that you pay for any materials you may use and bring Mike a nice cup of builders' tea! The workshop and equipment are then yours to use as and when you choose.

  • Important Information

    • Your payment today represents either your deposit or the full price paid to secure a place in the next available class.
    • Classes commence in July 2023. This falls in line with our new workshop build.
    • Please observe all shop rules. We will run through them with you upon entry.
    • You will be asked to sign a waiver upon entry. We will teach you how to respect the material you are working with but please understand, we cannot cover you for accidents and incidents.
    • Be nice to your classmates.
    • Bring a sense of humour.
  • Class Requirements

    • Please feel free to bring your own tools. Handtools and equipment will be supplied for your use however, tools are and will become, very personal to you thus we encourage you to purchase your own after the first class.
    • No shorts and flip-flops, please. You are joining a working and fully operational workshop with glass as the main component. Please dress accordingly. We advise covering feet and legs at all times.
    • You are always welcome to ask questions so, please, feel free to stop your instructor at any time should you not understand something or need assistance. Glass, while not as scary as many think, can bite so it's important you understand instructions and advice.
    • Have fun!